Friday, January 31, 2014

[DMANET] research internship @ Xerox Research Centre Europe

An open internship position on a mix of string algorithms, grammatical
inference and statistical machine learning


We are looking for a motivated intern for a project involving the use
of sequential patterns for the inference of grammars.

The Smallest Grammar Problem is the problem of finding the smallest
context-free grammars that generates exactly one given sequence. We
plan to generalize this in order to find grammars which generate a set
of natural language documents with a strong but hidden structure. This
structure will then be converted into additional features (through
tree kernels for example) in our analytics pipeline or alternatively
as a starting template for existing multilingual authoring tools.


Research-oriented master student or PhD candidate in computer science
Knowledge of standard text algorithms and data structures
Knowledge of formal grammars (a course covering the Hopcroft & Ullman
book or equivalent for example)
Knowledge in statistical machine learning applied to text is a strong plus
Fluency in either C, C++ or Java is a plus

The intern will work closely with researchers in a very international
environment, and will be strongly encouraged to produce scientific

*Duration*: 5-6 months
*Start Date*: March-April 2014

*Application instructions*

Informal inquiries are welcome and can be made at .

To submit an application, please send your CV and cover letter to both and .

Ideally, you will also include in your CV people we can contact for
letters of recommendation.


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