Tuesday, July 29, 2014

[DMANET] Graph Drawing (Call for Posters)

Call for Posters - Graph Drawing 2014
22nd International Symposium on Graph Drawing
September 24-26, 2014 * Wuerzburg, Germany

Graph Drawing is concerned with the geometric representation of graphs
and networks and the algorithmic methods for visualizing them. It is
motivated by applications where it is crucial to visually analyze and
interact with relational datasets. Examples of such application areas
include social sciences, Internet and Web computing, information
systems, computational biology, networking, VLSI circuit design, and
software engineering.

The International Symposium on Graph Drawing is the main annual event
in this area and will be hosted by the University of Wuerzburg from
September 24 to 26, 2014, in Wuerzburg, Germany. Researchers and
practitioners working on any aspect of graph drawing and network
visualization are invited to contribute papers and posters and to
participate in the symposium and the graph drawing contest.


Submissions of posters on graph drawing and related areas are
currently being solicited. The poster session will provide a forum for
the communication of late-breaking research results (WHICH MAY ALSO
APPEAR ELSEWHERE) to the graph drawing community. Posters should be
accompanied by an abstract (up to two pages in the single-spaced LNCS

Abstract and poster must be submitted as a single pdf document via the
conference web site by August 19 (23:59 GMT). Notification of poster
acceptance will be made by August 29.

The maximum size for any poster is A0 (84,1 cm x 118,9 cm). The
posters must be in portrait mode.


To recognize the effort of participants in preparing and presenting
their posters in a clear and elegant way, a best-poster award will be
given this year.


All deadlines are 23:59 GMT and fixed. There will be no extensions.

o Poster submission deadline: August 19
o Notification of poster acceptance: August 29
o Final versions due: September 3
o Contest submission deadline: September 22
o PhD School (CCC): September 22-23
o Symposium on Graph Drawing: September 24-26


Oswin Aichholzer, TU Graz
Jean-Daniel Fekete, INRIA, Paris


Patrizio Angelini, Univ. Roma Tre
Daniel Archambault, Swansea Univ.
David Auber, LaBRI, Univ. Bordeaux
Michael Bekos, Nat. Tech. Univ. Athens
Anastasia Bezerianos, LRI-Univ. Paris-Sud
Franz Brandenburg, Univ. Passau
Erin Chambers, St. Louis Univ.
Stephan Diehl, Univ. Trier
Christian Duncan (co-chair), Quinnipiac Univ.
Tim Dwyer, Monash Univ.
David Eppstein, Univ. of California, Irvine
Emden Gansner, AT&T Research Labs
Michael Kaufmann, Univ. Tuebingen
Stephen Kobourov, Univ. of Arizona
Jan Kratochvil, Charles Univ. Prague
Giuseppe Liotta, Univ. of Perugia
Maarten Loeffler, Utrecht Univ.
Anna Lubiw, Univ. of Waterloo
Petra Mutzel, Univ. Dortmund
Lev Nachmanson, Microsoft Research
Antonios Symvonis (co-chair), Nat. Tech. Univ. Athens
Ioannis Tollis, Univ. of Crete
Dorothea Wagner, Karlsruhe Inst. Tech.
Hsu-Chun Yen, Nat. Taiwan Univ.


Krzysztof Fleszar, Univ. of Würzburg
Philipp Kindermann, Univ. of Würzburg
Joachim Spoerhase, Univ. of Würzburg
Alexander Wolff (chair), Univ. of Würzburg


Carsten Gutwenger (chair), TU Dortmund
Maarten Loeffler, Utrecht Univ.
Lev Nachmanson, Microsoft Research
Ignaz Rutter, Karlsruhe Inst. Tech.

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