Thursday, June 3, 2010

[DMANET] Post-doc at Oxford University in Combinatorial Optimization

Applications are invited for a Postdoctoral Research Assistant in
Spreading Processes on Networks and Applied Combinatorial Optimization.
The post is available initially for a fixed-term duration of 2 years. We
will consider candidates either from Applied Combinatorial Optimization
or from Network Science.

Candidates with a background in combinatorial optimization will
investigate a spectrum of computational methods from applied
combinatorial optimization as applied to a set of canonical problems
constrained by real data. The aim will be to reach across methods from
the many ways in which combinatorial optimization is performed in
practice, making sure that we consider a good representation of typical
heuristics. One of our objectives will be to use these methods as a way
of investigating the nature of the data as well as the nature of the
algorithms. Our benchmarked methods will be turned to improved
approaches to detecting clusters in graphs and methods for controlling
rumour propagation on social networks.

This is part of the EPSRC grant `Game theory and adaptive networks for
smart evacuations92. Part of this is to probe the way in which
information about a threat propagates around social networks and to ask
how this might be perturbed optimally. The candidate will meet with
social scientists to establish how to parameterize and motivate the
appropriate simple models. A parallel post on spatial agent based models
will be advertised in Manchester Physics with Dr Tobias Galla.

Necessary: (1) A background in applied combinatorics (both interpreted
in a broad sense) (2) Enthusiasm to work with researchers from different
backgrounds. (3) A strong, relevant, publication record and an ability
to work independently if required. (4) Experience with real data. (5) A
high level of programming skills and willingness to use them.

It will be desirable for candidates, depending on background, to have
some subset of the following skills. Familiarity with methods from:
network/graph analysis and complex systems; heuristics for combinatorial
optimization; methods for feature selection; statistical physics and
stochastic processes; statistical machine learning/ inference.

The candidate will likely work with another PDRA with practical
experience in Evolutionary Computation applied to topics in Evolution.
Since this appointment is interdisciplinary we will consider candidates
from across the disciplines: computer science, applied mathematics,
physics, statistics, systems biology, and engineering.

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For further particulars of the post, and how to apply please visit 20
Application Deadline: 09 July 2010

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