Monday, August 23, 2010

PhD Stipend in Algorithmics

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at the
University of Southern Denmark has funding for a PhD student
for a project in Algorithmics. The project will be in one of the
areas of On-Line Algorithms, Graph Algorithms, and Bioinformatics.
Further information about these areas and projects can be found at:

The qualifications necessary for application are:

1. A course in Algorithms and Complexity. This is a course beyond a
low level course on Data Structures.

2. A Master's degree in Computer Science, or a Bachelor's degree in
Computer Science with one year of courses beyond a 3-year Bachelor's
degree. (Note that the PhD programme lasts three years in the first
case and four in the second.) The degree cannot be from the University
of Southern Denmark. For the area graph algorithms, degrees in
Mathematics are also acceptable.

3. Excellent grades and letters of recommendation.

4. Interest and motivation to work in one of these areas.

5. Fluency in English.

The expected start date for these scholarships is January 17, 2010. The
amount of the scholarship, which is paid as salary (including pension
contribuations and vacation money), is about 380,000.00 DKK (equivalent to
approx. 51,000.00 Euros or $71,000.00 US) per year for students who
already have a Master's degree. The salary starts lower for students who
do not have a Master's degree making the total salary over four years
approximately the same as the salary over three years for the students
with a Master's degree.

The algorithmics group at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
provides a very strong scientific environment combined with a friendly

The University of Southern Denmark was founded in 1966 and currently has
several campuses, with a total of almost 20,000 students. The Department of
Mathematics and Computer Science resides at the main campus which is located
in Odense, the third largest city in Denmark, a country known for its high
standard of living, high tech industry, and cultural scene.

The application deadline is October 20, 2010.

For application details see:

For further information, please contact Joan Boyar,