Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Upcoming Theory Grant Deadlines

Dear Colleagues:

I am writing with a brief report on funding opportunities for theoretical CS
at NSF and DARPA.  See also the webpage
for more information.


 - The CCF Core Programs deadlines are: November 28 for large size
  ($1,200,001 to $3,000,000 total budget with durations up to five
  years) and December 19 for small size (up to $500,000 total budget
  with durations up to three years).  CCF has three Core Programs, of
  which Algorithmic Foundations (AF) is the primary program for TCS
  work.  One note is that CS/Econ style work is now supported by the
  cross-cutting ICES program (see below). The CCF Core Program
  solicitation is available at

 - Interface between Computer Science and Economics & Social
  Sciences (ICES). Deadline is December 6.  Includes small projects
  of up to $400,000 total budget with durations up to three years and
  large projects with $400,001 to $1,000,000 total budget with
  durations up to four years. See solicitation at:

 Note: In the long run, the health of the Algorithmic Foundations
 cluster will depend upon the quality and quantity of proposals it
 receives.  Also, unlike a number of years ago, having another grant
 does not disqualify you from from getting a new theory grant.


 - DARPA-BAA-12-01: Graph-theoretic Research in Algorithms and the
  PHenomenology of Social networks (GRAPHS). Deadline: December 15,
  2011.  See solicitation at

Avrim Blum
Chair, Sigact Committee for the Advancement of Theoretical Computer Science