Monday, February 27, 2012

Postdoctoral Research Grant in Optimisation | Call for applications

KEP Project - Postdoctoral Research grant in Optimization

*Application Period*:  2012-02-22  to  2012-03-07

INESC PORTO is accepting applications to award one scientific research
grant to work in the project "New models for enhancing the kidney
transplantation process" in the following work area: Optimization.  We
are looking for candidates holding a PhD in Computer Engineering,
Industrial Engineering, Systems Engineering, Operational Research or
similar. Candidates must have knowledge of Combinatorial Optimization,
experience in programming, and proficiency in English. Preference will
be given to candidates with advanced knowledge in Combinatorial
Optimization and strong experience in programming.

Project Summary:

This project concerns research and development of decision-support
tools to facilitate and improve the kidney transplantation process
involving living kidney donors. It promotes an important project of
public healthcare planning and management for developing advanced
models and solution techniques to “optimally” match up kidney patients
with donors.

New optimization models will be developed based on thorough analysis
of several significant issues involving the kidney transplantation
process that were not addressed before. In particular, critical
aspects such as concurrence or inconsistency of the regulatory
policies with final decisions of physicians will be captured; guidance
from national initiatives will be incorporated to keep the models
realistic and purposeful.

For efficiently solving the models, innovative solution approaches
will be formulated to achieve beyond state-of-the-art results. By
integrating new paradigms and methodologies, prototype software tools
will be designed, implemented and validated. Entire development work
will be done with close collaboration and guidance of Portuguese
healthcare organizations responsible for kidney transplantation
(Central Hospitals and National Authority for Blood and
Transplantation Services - ASST).

*Project Team*:
Prof. Ana Viana (Coordinator)
Dr. Abdur Rais
Prof. Filipe Alvelos
Prof. Gerardo Oliveira (MD)
Prof. João Pedro Pedroso
Prof. Miguel Fragoso Constantino 
National Authority for Blood and Transplantation Services
*Application Period*:  2012-02-22  to  2012-03-07
Duration of the Grant: 12 months (Renewable)

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