Saturday, September 22, 2012

[DMANET] Diagrams 2014: Call for Proposals

Dear Colleague,

The Diagrams conference series has emerged as the leading conference series on
the theory and application of diagrams. The conference has been held biennially
since 2000, attracting participants from a wide variety of disciplines.

The Steering Committee is now soliciting proposals for organising Diagrams 2014.

Historically the Diagrams conferences have alternated between US and non-US
locations. For 2014, we will not necessarily keep to this pattern and we invite
proposals for any location.

If you are interested in organizing Diagrams 2014 please send an initial
proposal to the Steering Committee for the Diagrams conference series to Details on what to include in a proposal are
included at the end of this message. The committee will receive proposals until
15th December 2012. You will receive an acknowledgement of your submission.

If you require any help or information in order to prepare a proposal then you
are encouraged, and welcome, to contact the Steering Committee who are happy to
assist you in any way we can.

Even if you do not wish to organise Diagrams 2014, the Steering Committee is
interested in receiving general comments, criticism (and praise) that will help
to improve the Diagrams conference series.

Gem Stapleton
Chair of the Diagrams Steering Committee

%%%%%%%%% Required Details %%%%%%%%%

The proposal should contain the following information:

1. Location
a. State the proposed location.

2. Organisers
a. Include the names of the General Chair(s), the Program Chair(s), and,
where known, any local organizers and other organising parties such as
Workshops Chair.

b. Include a brief track record for each named person.

Note that the General Chair takes responsibility for the overall delivery of the
conference. The Steering Committee expect to work closely with the Chairs
throughout the organisational process; the Steering Committee’s role will be to
provide advice and guidance to the Chairs.

3. Proposed Format

a. Include details about any plans to include workshops.

b . Include details about any plans to include tutorials.

c. Include details about any plans to include a Graduate Symposium.

4. Proposed Dates

a. Indicate the approximate dates of the conference. These dates only need
to be indicative at this stage.

5. Other co-Located Conferences.

a. If there are other co-located conferences, explain the benefits of this

6. Contact Information

a. Include the email address for the proposed General Chair, who is
assumed to be the main point of contact.

The proposed General Chair will be notified of the outcome of the proposal.

In addition, you may wish to include any budgetary information that you have
available and plans for securing sponsorship to strengthen your application.

You are also welcome to include any additional information that you think will
be helpful to the Steering Committee when they consider your proposal. The
Steering Committee expects to work closely with the selected organisers, in an
advisory capacity, in order to prepare and finalise organisational aspects.