Monday, July 1, 2013

[DMANET] FCT 2013 Call for Participation (Aug 19-21) reminder

FCT 2013, University of Liverpool

The 19th International Symposium on Fundamentals of Computation
Theory (FCT 2013) will be hosted by the Department of Computer
Science at the University of Liverpool.

Dates: Aug 19-21, 2013
Registration page:

Early registration (until July 15) is £300 (£225 for students).

The invited speakers at FCT 2013 are Marek Chrobak (UC Riverside),
Joël Ouaknine (Oxford University), and David Peleg (Weizmann Institute).

List of accepted papers:

Program chairs: Leszek Gasieniec, University of Liverpool
Frank Wolter, University of Liverpool

Conference scope
FCT covers

Algorithms, including algorithm design, optimization,
approximation and randomized algorithms, computational
complexity, computational geometry, machine learning, artificial
intelligence, computational algebra, online algorithms,
and parallel and distributed computing.

Formal methods, including algebraic and categorical
methods, automata and formal languages, database theory,
foundations of concurrency, logic and model checking,
principles of programming languages, program analysis
and transformation, specification, refinement and verification,
and security.

Emerging fields, including algorithmic game theory,
computational biology, foundations of cloud computing, and
quantum computing.
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