Thursday, February 27, 2014

[DMANET] Fwd: FP7 ONTIC project. PhD Open positions.

Dear all,

Technical University of Madrid offers a Ph.D. studentship for 3 years in
the context of the FP7 ONTIC project.

Online Network Traffic Classification

Big Data Analytics, Scalability, Network Traffic Classification, Data
Stream Mining, Machine Learning

The research will be conducted at the Technical University of Madrid,
within the Internet Next Generation Research Group at E.T.S. Sistemas
Informaticos and funded by the ONTIC European Project (FP7).

Accurate identification and categorization of network traffic according
to application type is an important element of many network management
and engineering tasks related with QoS, capacity planning and detection
of network attacks.

Terabytes of data may be transferred through the core network of a
typical ISP every day. Moreover, it is expected an exponential growth of
more than 50 billions of connected devices to Internet. Therefore, this
scenario hampers network data capture and analysis.

ONTIC (Online Network TraffIc Characterization) project investigates:

A novel architecture of scalable mechanisms and techniques to be
able to a) characterize online network traffic data streams, identifying
traffic patterns evolution, and b) proactively detecting anomalies in
real time when hundreds of thousands of packets per second are

A completely new set of scalable offline data mining mechanisms and
techniques to characterize network traffic, applying a Big Data
analytics approach and using distributed computation paradigms in the
cloud on extremely large network traffic summary datasets consisting on
trillions of records.

Under the context of the project, the proposed Ph.D. project aims at
investigating and proposing a new set of online and offline algorithms
and machine learning techniques to build autonomous network traffic
characterization systems while tackling scalability and real time
network traffic issues in a Big Data analytics scenario.


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(*) P. Owerzarski, E. Baralis and D. Apilietti are part of the ONTIC

Machine learning, Distributed computing systems, Distributed
algorithms, Java and/or C programming

A Ph.D. studentship for 3 years is available. The monthly gross salary
is approximately 1900 Euro. The successful candidate will join the
Internet Next Generation Research Group in the E.T.S.I. Sistemas
Informaticos at Technical University of Madrid, Spain.

Technical University of Madrid (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid,
UPM) is the oldest and largest Spanish technical university, with more
than 4.000 faculty members, around 38.000 undergraduate students and
6.000 postgraduates. UPM benefits from the heritage of its schools: the
most ancient ones were founded in the 18th.century. Nowadays UPM's
Schools cover most of engineering disciplines, as well as Architecture,
Computer Science and Geodesy & Cartography. Moreover, UPM as a top
quality academic establishment has a strong commitment to R&D and
Innovation, boasting over 225 Research Units and over 10 Research
Institutes and Technological Centres, contributing significantly to the
international scientific community with a high number of journal papers,
conference communications, and PhD theses. The UPM researchers have
large expertise in research projects participation both at national and
international level.

Applicants are requested to submit the documents below by e-mail to
with subject "[PhD.ONTIC] Candidate".

The deadline to accept candidatures is March 14th, 2014.

- Resume
- Master thesis
- Master's grades
- Recommendation letters
- Publications (if any)

Please contact Dr. Alberto Mozo for further information

Alberto Mozo
ONTIC FP7 Coordinator
Associate Professor
Department Arquitectura y Tecnologia de Computadores
Assistant Director for Postgraduate Studies and Research
E.U. Informatica / E.T.S.I. Sistemas Informaticos,
Campus Sur. Universidad Politecnica de Madrid,
Camino Arboleda s/n 28031, Madrid, Spain

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