Friday, May 23, 2014

[DMANET] Postdoc position in "Algorithmic and Enumerative Combinatorics"

A postdoc position in "Algorithmic and Enumerative Combinatorics" starting in
September 2014 is offered at the Institute of Discrete Mathematics and Geometry
(TU Wien). The position is within the Special Research Program (SFB)
2013 - Feb. 28, 2017) funded by the Austrian Science Foundation FWF.

The SFB consists of eight project parts, run by

Michael Drmota (TU Wien)
Bernhard Gittenberger (TU Wien)
Manuel Kauers (RISC Linz)
Christian Krattenthaler (Universit\"at Wien)
Peter Paule (RISC Linz)
Veronika Pillwein (RISC Linz)
Michael Schlosser (Universit\"at Wien)
Carsten Schneider (RISC Linz)

and the announced position belongs to the project part "Combinatorics of
Tree-Like Structures and Enriched Trees" run by Bernhard Gittenberger.

For more specific information see the SFB WWW Site

We explicitly encourage female researchers to apply for the offered positions.
We guarantee that the selection process, based solely on the research records,
will give equal opportunities to female and male researchers.

Interested applicants should submit an application with CV, list of
publications, and in addition ask 2 people to send letters of evaluation, no
later than

JUNE 15, 2014.

The application should be done using the website

For more detailed information see the SFB WWW Site

For further information please contact Bernhard Gittenberger
( For general enquiries concerning the SFB
programme please contact

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