Wednesday, February 10, 2016

[DMANET] Open positions in the Links research team

The Links project (at Inria Lille and the CRIStAL lab) is working on
foundations and applications for querying Web databases based
on logics and automata. Links' general objective is to develop
novel techniques for querying heterogeneous collections of linked
Web databases as if they were integrated into a single homogeneous
database. Beside other challenges, this requires to develop novel
algorithms that enable the management of dynamic networks of
linked and distributed data in a real time.

Links is regularly opening research positions on different
levels, offered by Inria, CNRS, the University of Lile 1,
and the University of Lille 3.

- Permanent researcher positions at Inria or CNRS for excellent
junior or senior researchers wanting to join in the Links' project.
This year, Inria Lille has 3 openings for junior researchers and
1 opening for senior researchers in the national competition. The
application deadlines are mid of February.

- Professor position at the University of Lille 1. One position
that targets towards Links' research topics is currently open. The
submission deadline is begin of March (beware, deadline is earlier
than the synchronised session of French universities).

- Assistant professor (MdC) position at the University of Lille3. The
profile of that position includes the Links' research topics. The
application deadline is end of March.

- PhD student positions, possibly preceded by a masters project. Currently,
we have 3 openings, that will remain open until we find the right

Linked data integration (open, contact: Iovka Boneva <>)

Streaming for NoSQL Databases (open, contact: Joachim Niehren <>)

Database queries for the social Web (open, contact: Pierre Bourhis <>)

- Postdoc at Inria. We regularly search promising students for the
competitive offers at Inria Lille.

Tree transducers for verifying the correctness of Linux
installation scripts.

For more information about integration in the Links team,
please visit
or send an email to

Pr. Sophie Tison
Université de Lille -Sciences et Technologies
Vice-Présidente Partenariats, Innovation, Valorisation
Cité Scientifique
Bâtiment M3
59655 Villeneuve d'Ascq Cedex
Phone: (33 | 0)3 28 77 85 42 (M3)
(33 | 0)3 59 35 87 14 (Haute-Borne)

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