Wednesday, April 13, 2016

[DMANET] BC60 - A Workshop in honor of Bernard Chazelle's 60th birthday

BC60 - A Workshop in honor of Bernard Chazelle's 60th birthday

When? June 17, 2016, 14:30–18:00
Where? Boston, MA
Official page:

Part of CG week and SoCG ( at Tufts
University. The event takes place two days before beginning of STOC
( Both SoCG and STOC goers are welcome.

*Schedule* (Check for updates on official page)

14:30-14:40 Pankaj Agarwal: Opening Remarks
14:40-15:20 David Dobkin: Bernard's Research in the 70's
15:20-16:00 Micha Sharir: TBD
16:00-16:30 Coffee break
16:30-17:10 Ken Clarkson: The Thrill Goes On: Bernard Yesterday
and Today
17:10-18:00 Presentation by former students of Bernard
18:00-19:00 Wine, cheese, beer reception

*About Bernard Chazelle*

Bernard Chazelle was born in 1955 in Paris, France. He received his PhD
under the supervision of David P. Dobkin from Yale university in 1980.
He wrote the second PhD thesis on computational geometry and taught the
first class on it. Bernard Chazelle has been a fixture of the field
since the very beginning, and some of the most well-known algorithms
and techniques used by the community are associated with him. He has
also worked on sublinear algorithms and more generally with techniques
for dealing with large data. More recently, he is working on natural
algorithms, bringing insights from theoretical computer science into
the study of natural phenomena. Over the years, he has published more
than 130 journal papers and been a mentor to more than 10 PhD students.


There is no official registration and no registration fee. The event is
sponsored by Princeton University Computer Science Department. In case
you plan to attend and you are not registering for SoCG, please do let
us know by submitting the form at the bottom of the event page


Wolfgang Mulzer (FU Berlin, Germany)
Nir Ailon (Technion IIT, Haifa, Israel)
Seshadhri Comandur (U. California, Santa Cruz, CA)

Also, special thanks to Pankaj Agarwal, Sariel Har-Peled and SoCG
organizers, especially Greg Aloupis . For questions, please email Nir


David Dobkin
Bernard's research in the 70's

As Bernard's thesis advisor, I introduced him to the field of
computational geometry when he was a first year graduate students. In
this talk, I survey the situation at that time, his early results and
further research they have inspired.

Ken Clarkson
The Thrill Goes On: Bernard Yesterday and Today

From the excruciatingly difficult to the achingly elegant, Bernard
Chazelle's work on algorithms, especially geometric or natural ones,
has been profoundly influential. I'll sketch a few examples that have
been inspiring to me, including 1-dimensional range queries,
low-stabbing spanning trees, high-order Voronoi diagram construction,
deterministic constructions, and the s-energy of a system.

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