Monday, September 10, 2018

[DMANET] Special Issue "Modeling Computing and Data Handling for Marine Transportation" - Algorithms, MDPI - Open Access Journal

Dear Colleagues,

Please consider contributing to the following SI of Algorithms, MDPI on
"Modeling Computing and Data Handling for Marine Transportation":

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Deadline for manuscript submissions: October 31, 2018

Special Issue Information

Maritime transportation is the major conduit of international trade. In
terms of cost, maritime transport is very competitive relative to land and
airborne transport, increasing only by a few percent the total product cost.
On the other hand, maritime transportation takes longer or may cause harbor
congestion, which further increases voyage times. Furthermore, there are
difficulties in integrating this transportation mode efficiently with other
transport or distribution options. On top of that, the safety and the
environmental impact of maritime transportation, in particular, in the case
of sea accidents, are always two challenging issues.

As recent advances on maritime transportation require the synergy of both
computer science and maritime science, the main focus in this special issue
will be upon the latest developments on IT methodologies for maritime
transportation. Computational intelligence, data mining and knowledge
discovery/representation, risk assessment methodologies as well as
combinatorial optimization are the IT fields that have gain importance in
maritime studies because of their potential in giving solutions for
effective sea transportation.

Submissions are solicited in, but not limited to, the following areas:

- Graph and Network algorithms for Marine Transportation

- Combinatorial optimization techniques for Marine Transportation

- Weather Routing

- Environmentally Safe Shipping

- Safety and Security of Maritime Shipping

- Risk and Safety Analysis, Assessment and Prediction

- Piracy Protection

- GIS in Maritime Applications

- Spatiotemporal and Marine Data Handling

- Route Planning and Monitoring

- Maritime Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Applications: surveillance,

maritime traffic control, anomaly detection, emergency management, situation

recognition, etc.

- Decision Support Tools for Marine Transportation

- Integration of Heterogeneous Marine Data Sources

Guest Editors:

Dr. Charalampos Konstantopoulos

Prof. Dr. Grammati Pantziou

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