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[DMANET] MSc Program in Cmputation and Game Theory, Univ. of Liverpool, UK

Department of Computer Science, University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK

MSc in Computation and Game Theory

Our day-to-day activities are increasingly dominated by the use of the Internet,
ranging from on-line shopping and auctioning, e-banking, the search for information,
web conferencing to participating and sharing information in social web-based
networks. Behind these applications there are hidden complex computer systems and
technologies. Their development and efficient usage requires knowledge and skills
beyond traditional computer science university curricula. An example is sponsored
search advertising, mastered by search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

Algorithmic Game Theory has developed within the Computer Science community during the past 10 years.
It builds on synergies between economics and computer science at large, and game theory and algorithmics in particular. It serves as a modeling tool
for applications related to e-commerce and the Internet. This research area has
become a prominent area within theoretical computer science. On the more applicable
side, these topics are of current interest at the R&D labs of companies like Google,
Microsoft and Yahoo.

About the programme:
The Computation and Game Theory MSc is a novel and first of its kind programme in
Europe. It comprises modules that take advantage of the research strengths of the
department, and especially the Economics and Computation research group
( It is directed at careers in the IT
industry that require a degree of research and development, and also serves as an
entry to PhD study.

The Computation and Game Theory MSc is a one-year full-time programme intended for
graduates who already have a first degree in either Computer Science or in Economics
or in a closely related subject, and who wish to extend their knowledge with more
advanced specialized material reflecting current research at the cutting-edge of
the discipline of Algorithmic Game Theory.

Programme structure/modules:
The Computation and Game Theory MSc is organized in two semesters of lectures
followed by an individual project undertaken over the summer. During the first
semester, MSc students study a number of foundational modules, divided into two
streams, for students with a Computer Science or Economics background. The second
semester offers a collection of core modules related to actual research and Internet
applications of Algorithmic Game Theory. This is followed by a dissertation.

The programme starting date is September; interested applicants are requested to
apply well before September 2011.
For further information:

Miss Helen Bradley:
Dr Piotr Krysta:

Dr. Piotr Krysta
University of Liverpool
Department of Computer Science
Ashton Building, Ashton Street
Liverpool L69 3BX, U.K.
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