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[DMANET] 2nd CFP - CEC2012: Special Session on "Evolutionary Computation in Scheduling"

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Special Session on
*Evolutionary Computation in Scheduling*
2012 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation (CEC'2012) at WCCI'2012
June 10-15, 2012, Brisbane, Australia

Paper submission deadline: *Dec 19, 2011*

Due to the challenges of many real world applications in both research
and practice, scheduling problems have received a significant amount of
attention in a range of disciplines including artificial intelligence,
operations research, engineering and computer science. Problems range
from classic production scheduling to various applications in education,
industry and business sections. Different constraints, objectives as
well as problem characteristics have to be considered while developing
efficient and intelligent computational methods for these complex and
large-scale problems. Evolutionary computation has shown to be one of
the most effective intelligent algorithms for solving schedulin problems.


This special session is being organized as an activity of the Technical
Committee of Evolutionary Computation at IEEE, and aims to explore
recent research advances on all aspects of evolutionary computation on
scheduling problems. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

- Theoretical or empirical analysis of evolutionary algorithms for
scheduling problems
- Benchmark problems and performance metrics in evolutionary computation
- Dynamic scheduling problems in evolutionary computation
- Single and multi-objective evolutionary scheduling
- Hybrid evolutionary methods for scheduling problems
- Evolutionary computation in various applications (educational
timetabling, network routing, personnel scheduling, production
scheduling, resource constrained project scheduling, sports scheduling,
self-organization of wireless networks, etc.)
- Experience of applying evolutionary computation in scheduling
- Comparative studies and case studies in evolutionary computation


Papers should be submitted following the instructions at the WCCI 2012
web site, more details available soon.

Best regards,
Rong Qu & Kay Chen Tan

Dr Rong Qu
School of Computer Science
University of Nottingham
Nottingham, NG8 1BB
tel: ++44 115 8466503
fax: ++44 115 8467877

Call For Papers:

* Special Issue of Evolutionary Computation in Scheduling, &
* Special Session on Evolutionary Computation in Scheduling
2012 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation (IEEE CEC 2012)
June 10-15, 2012, Brisbane, Australia

* 2013 IEEE Symposium on Computational Intelligence in Scheduling
Singapore, 15-19 April, 2013
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