Sunday, December 11, 2011

Postdoc position - University of Michigan

Postdoctoral position in the Theoretical Computer Science,
University of Michigan Mathematics Department

This is a three-year, non-tenure track position at the rank of Assistant Professor.

Researchers in all areas of theoretical computer science are encouraged to apply. There are
opportunities to work with faculty and postdocs in several departments, including:

Andreas R. Blass (Math)
Kevin Compton (CSE)
Anna Gilbert (Math)
Brett Hemenway (Math postdoc)
Jeffrey Lagarias (Math)
Carl Miller (CSE Postdoc)
Seth Pettie (CSE)
Rahul Sami (School of Information)
Yaoyun Shi (CSE)
Quentin Stout (CSE)
Martin Strauss (Math/CSE)
Roman Vershynin (Math)

For more information and instructions on how to apply, see
The nominal deadline is December 15, 2011, but applications past this date can be considered.
Please notify Martin Strauss <> and Seth Pettie <> after
submitting an application.