Wednesday, January 9, 2013

[DMANET] Green Vehicle Routing and Scheduling Session at EURO/INFORMS MMXIII

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Call for Abstracts for the Green Vehicle Routing and Scheduling Session at EURO/INFORMS MMXIII

Session Organiser: Dr Tolga Bektas, University of Southampton

The EURO/INFORMS MMXIII will be held in Rome from 1-4 July 2013.

The "Green Vehicle Routing and Scheduling" session welcomes abstracts addressing environmental concerns within the domain of vehicle routing and scheduling.  The term "vehicle" is used here in a broad sense, and encompasses road, rail, air and maritime operations in both freight and passenger transportation.  Problems of relevance include, but are not limited to:

*   city logistics,
*   intelligent transportation systems,
*   intermodal transportation,
*   network design and planning,
*   reverse logistics,
*   terminal operations management and planning,

Contributors are requested to submit their abstracts via the Conference web page ( by 1 March 2013 using the code 413ad7cc.  Abstracts must be written in English with no more than 600 characters and should not include formulae or mathematical notation.  Each participant is allowed to present at most one paper at the Conference.

Queries on this session can be directed to the session organiser at t.bektas "at"

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