Thursday, January 10, 2013

[DMANET] Two postdoctoral positions at University of Bristol

Two postdoctoral positions available in Algorithms and Lower bounds at
the University of Bristol, UK.

Based in the Department of Computer Science you will carry out
research within a major new EPSRC funded project concerned with the
development of new algorithms and data structures as well as provable
time and space lower bounds for pattern matching in dynamically
changing as well as streaming data.

You will take up one of two posts. The first focuses on new pattern
matching algorithms and data structures with provable performance
bounds such as appear in the conferences ICALP/SODA/STOC/FOCS. You
will develop faster and/or more space efficient algorithms for pattern
matching in dynamically changing as well as streaming data. The
focus of the second post is on the development of time and space lower
bounds for pattern matching problems. For this post you will ideally
already be familiar with lower bound techniques such as the chronogram
method and Mihai Patrascu's information transfer method.

Both posts will require a high level of expertise in areas which may
include but not be limited to data structures/algorithms, probability
and discrete mathematics. Particularly strong expertise in other
related areas of mathematics will also be positively considered.

Although some previous knowledge of pattern matching algorithms may be
beneficial, it is *not* a requirement for the jobs.

You will have a Ph.D. in theoretical computer science ("Track A") or a
closely related mathematical area together with a very strong track
record of international publications. These will ideally be in the
area of algorithms/theoretical computer science ("Track A") venues and
may include for example, ICALP/SODA/STOC/FOCS. However, we also
welcome mathematically able applicants who can demonstrate a keen
interest in changing research fields

In addition you will have excellent written and spoken communication
skills including the ability to explain and share deep concepts.

Appointments will be made at Research Assistant or Research Associate
depending on skills and experience.

The posts are funded for three years.

More details as well as the application forms are available by
following the link in the News section
of .

Informal enquires can be made to Dr Raphael Clifford 0117 331 5147,
Email .
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