Monday, January 7, 2013

[DMANET] Optimization in Public Transport @ EURO XXVI in Rome

Call for Papers and Sessions within the Stream


at the EURO XXVI Conference

July 1-4, 2013 in Rome, Italy

We want to continue the successful streams on Optimization in Public Transport in earlier EURO conferences in a stream on Optimization in Public Transport at the EURO XXVI conference in Rome. The stream is organized by Anita Schöbel and Leo Kroon.

Therefore we are looking for session organizers and for papers fitting in this stream.

Are you interested to organize a session of 4 talks on an appropriate topic in this stream?

Organizing a session involves choosing the topic, contacting speakers and handling their submission in the online system of the conference, to which you will get access. Usually, but not necessarily, the organizer is also session speaker and/or session chair. If you are interested to organize a stream, please let us know, even if you are not yet fully sure.

In case you want to present a single paper in our stream, but do not want to organize a full session, please let us know the title and abstract. Then we will give you an invitation to submit the paper directly to our stream. Papers submitted just to the conference are much harder to trace later for inclusion in the correct stream.

We are looking forward to a successful Public Transportation stream and to meeting you in Rome!

Anita Schöbel
University of Göttingen

Leo Kroon
Erasmus University Rotterdam

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