Tuesday, September 2, 2014

[DMANET] Book Announcement: Positional Games

*** Book Announcement ***

Title: Positional Games
Authors: Hefetz, D., Krivelevich, M., Stojakovic, M., Szabo, T.
Series: Oberwolfach Seminars, Vol. 44
Publisher: Birkhäuser Basel (Springer Basel)
Year: 2014
Pages: 146

More details:
(current price: 24,99 EUR)

>From the preface:
Positional Games Theory is a branch of Combinatorics, the goal of
which is to provide a solid mathematical footing for a variety of
two-player games of perfect information, usually played on discrete
objects, ranging from such popular recreational games as Tic-Tac-Toe
and Hex to purely abstract games played on graphs and hypergraphs. The
field has experienced tremendous growth in recent years.
The aim of this text is two-fold: to serve as a leisurely introduction
to this fascinating subject and to treat recent exciting developments
in the field. We strove to make our presentation relatively
accessible, even for a reader with only basic prior knowledge of
combinatorics. Each chapter is accompanied by a fair number of
exercises, varying in difficulty. As the theory of Positional Games is
obviously too extensive and diverse to be comprehensively covered in
such a relatively short text, we settled on an admittedly subjective
but hopefully representative selection of topics and results. We trust
that this monograph will be suitable to provide the basis for a
graduate or advanced undergraduate course in Positional Games.

TOC (list of chapters):
1 Introduction
2 Maker-Breaker Games
3 Biased Games
4 Avoider-Enforcer Games
5 The Connectivity Game
6 The Hamiltonicity Game
7 Fast and Strong
8 Random Boards
9 The Neighborhood Conjecture

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