Tuesday, September 2, 2014

[DMANET] Call for Papers: Quantitative Models and Weighted Automata

Call for Papers on

"Quantitative Models and Weighted Automata"

in a special issue of Soft Computing (Springer).

Quantitative models and quantitative analysis in Computer Science
is receiving increased attention in order to meet challenges from
various application areas. What is aimed at is a revision of the
foundation of Computer Science where Boolean models and analyses
are replaced by quantitative models and analyses in order that
more detailed and practically useful answers can be provided.

There will be a special issue of Soft Computing (Springer) devoted
to the topic of quantitative models in automata theory,
weighted automata, and tightly related areas ranging from the theory
of quantitative automata and logics to applications in areas such as
real-time systems, natural language processing, biological systems.

We invite submissions to this issue which could be either original
research papers or surveys.

This was also the topic of the Dagstuhl seminar on

Quantitative Models: Expressiveness, Analysis, and New Applications

and of the international workshop on

Weighted Automata: Theory and Applications (WATA 2014)

Participation in these events is not a prerequisite for a submission.

Authors are asked to submit their paper electronically at

and to choose as article type:
S.I.: Quantitative Models and Weighted Automata.

The deadline for submission is Nov 1, 2014.

All submissions will be refereed according to the usual high journal
standards. We intend to ensure a quick refereeing process.

Manfred Droste, Zoltan Esik, and Kim Larsen
(editors of the special issue)

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