Sunday, November 2, 2014

[DMANET] postdoctoral positions at LIAFA, Paris, France

The Algorithms and Complexity group of LIAFA (CNRS and University Paris
Diderot), Paris, France, is seeking excellent candidates for one or more
postdoctoral positions in classical and quantum computing. Topics of
interest include (but are not limited to): algorithms, streaming algorithms,
approximation algorithms, online algorithms, communication
complexity, cryptography, computational game theory, quantum computing,
computational applications of logic, randomness in computing, privacy.

LIAFA is a joint laboratory of the CNRS (the French National Center
for Scientific Research) and University Paris Diderot - Paris 7.
For more information about LIAFA, please see ,
and for more information about the Algorithms and Complexity group
please see .
Further information may be obtained from any of the permanent
members of the group.

The starting date of the position(s) will usually be in September 2015
but can be negotiated.
To apply please send a CV, a summary of research and names of at
least three references to

Applications should be received by December 1st, 2014.
Those wishing to join the group as postdoctoral fellows, and especially
those working in classical (i.e. non-quantum) computation areas,
should consider to also apply for a postdoctoral fellowship from the FSMP
( )
which has the deadline of December 1st, 2014 as well.
Those intending to apply to the FSMP in order to going the group should
contact the algorithms and complexity group no later than November 16 in
order to discuss the various possibilities and application procedure.
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