Thursday, January 29, 2015

[DMANET] POST-DOC Announcement / France, Metz

Visualizations for analyzing news' propagation in social networks

Communication specialists seek to understand the process of news'
dissemination in social
networks: How the news published on online newspapers is consumed and
shared? What are
practices? ... They therefore seek to identify topics, communities and
their influences in the
spread of the news.
In this context, our project is to provide users with interactive
visualizations to help them in
their needs. The most important goal is to identify and to design visual
structures and
interactions that allow users to explore their data to find answers to
their questions. One of the
most important questions that users ask is: How a subject treated by
journalists is relayed in
social networks?

Tasks to be performed:
1. Make a study and proposals of visualizations to interactively explore
large masses of data
from online newspapers and social networking web sites.
2. Develop a web tool implementing the proposals. The visualization tool
should allow,
among other things, select topics and/or online media and visualize
tweets that share the
papers published by the media on the given topics in a time perspective.
We also need to
visualize user profiles and other data to facilitate the understanding
of the news flow.
3. Evaluate the solutions.

Required skills:
- Design of graphical user interfaces.
- Information visualization.
- Data analysis (text data).
- Web oriented programming languages: Java, JavaScript, ...

The work is within the scope of an ANR project in progress in the
laboratory LCOMS.
Salary: almost 44 KE/year (before taxes).
Period : February 2015 – January 2016 (possible extension for a second
Place : Metz - France

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