Friday, January 8, 2016

[DMANET] Call for DEBS 2016 Grand Challenge Solutions

Call for DEBS 2016 Grand Challenge Solutions

10th ACM International Conference on Distributed Event-Based Systems,
ACM DEBS 2016, Irvine, CA, USA, June 20-24 2016

The ACM DEBS 2016 Grand Challenge is the sixth in a series of challenges
seek to provide a common ground and uniform evaluation criteria for a
competition aimed at both research and industrial event-based systems.
The goal
of the 2016 DEBS Grand Challenge competition is to evaluate event-based
for real-time analytics over high volume data streams in the context of

The underlying scenario addresses the analysis metrics for an evolving
network graph. Specifically, the 2016 Grand Challenge targets the following
problems: (1) identification of the posts that currently trigger the most
activity, and (2) identification of large communities that are currently
involved in a topic. The corresponding queries require continuous
analysis of an
evolving graph structure under the consideration of multiple streams that
reflect updates to the graph.

The data for the DEBS 2016 Grand Challenge is based on the dataset provided
together with the LDBC ( Social Network Benchmark. It
takes up the general scenario from the 2014 SIGMOD Programming contest
but - in
contrasts to the SIGMOD contest - explicitly focuses on processing streaming
data. Details about the data, the queries for the Grand Challenge, and
information about how the challenge will be evaluated are provided below.


Participants in the 2016 DEBS Grand Challenge will have the chance to
win two
prizes. The first prize is the Grand Challenge Award for the best performing
submission. The winner (or winning team) of the Grand Challenge Award
will be
additionally awarded with a *monetary reward of $1000*. The monetary
reward and
the whole DEBS 2016 Grand Challenge is sponsored by the WSO2

The second prize is the Grand Challenge Audience Award - it is
determined based
on the audience feedback provided during the DEBS 2016 conference. The Grand
Challenge Audience Award, as opposed to the overall Grand Challenge
Award, does
not entail any additional monetary reward.


15th December 2015: Challenge announcement

15th January 2016: Evaluation platform made available to registered

3rd April 2016: Evaluation period ends

10th April 2016: Notification of acceptance

1st May 2016: DEBS Camera Ready deadline

For more details please check the DEBS Grand Challenge Website:

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