Sunday, January 17, 2016

[DMANET] Winter School in Network Optimization - From 5th (2016) to 6th Edition (2017)

The 5th edition of the Winter School on Network Optimization (see<>) took place in the Hotel Sana, Estoril, from the 11th to the 15th of January 2016. The school had 41 students of several nationalities and coming from different Universities, Laboratories and Institutes, 2 from Austria, 5 from Belgium, 1 from Canada, 4 from Denmark, 4 from France, 8 from Germany, 9 from Italy, 1 from Mexico, 1 from Norway, 2 from Portugal, 1 from Spain, 2 from The Netherlands and 1 from Turkey.
Five courses were given by well known researchers of the area: Tolga Bektas (Univ of Southampton), Elena Fernandez (UPC), Martine Labbé (ULB), Karen Aardal (Delft Univ.) and Ivana Ljubic (ESSEC).

We have the pleasure to announce that the 6th Winter School on Network Optimization is scheduled for January 2017.
The first formal announcement will be made in June/July of 2016.
Available information, including list of speakers and dates is given below

6th Edition of Winter School on Network Optimization (netopt2017)

The 6th edition of the Winter School on Network Optimization will take place at the Hotel Sana, Estoril, from the 16th to the 20th of January 2017. Its main objective is to provide an opportunity for PhD students to get together and attend high level courses in the field of Network Optimization. Non-PhD students are welcome to attend the school, but the number of participants is limited and priority will be given to PhD students. In this edition of the school, the lecturers and subjects to be addressed are:

Angel Corberan (Univ. Valencia): Arc routing problems with profits
Arie Koster (RWTH Aachen Univ.): Robust optimization for network design and energy supply problems
Gerhard Reinelt (Univ. Heidelberg): Ordering problems
Giovanni Rinaldi (IASI): Maximum weight cuts in graphs and extensions
Jose Valerio de Carvalho (Univ. Minho): Dual feasible functions to construct fast lower bounds

Since the first edition in 2009, the school has been part of the activities of the CIO (Centro de Investigação Operacional) University of Lisbon as well as of the ENOG (European Network Optimization Group).
CIO has been merged with the Centro de Matemática e Aplicações Fundamentais (CMAF). Since the 5th edition the event is part of the activities of the new CMAFCIO and is also endorsed by the EURO (the Association of European Societies) and APDIO (the Portuguese OR society).

Webpage and Information about how to apply will be given in June 2016 (<> )
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