Monday, August 1, 2016

[DMANET] Extension of Deadline: Special issue of OR Spectrum on Rail Terminal Operations


OR Spectrum

Special Issue on Rail Terminal Operations

Special Issue Editors: Nils Boysen, Dirk Briskorn, Sigrid Knust

New submission deadline: 31st October 2016 / Special Issue Completion:
End of 2017

Strengthening the railway system is among the top priority issues of
many national authorities. Rail transportation relieves the often
overloaded road networks and is preferred on the basis of its reduced
environmental impact. An important driver to increase the attractiveness
of the railway system is to establish more efficient train handling
processes in existing railway terminals, e.g., by employing suitable
optimization approaches and decision support systems.

The special issue on "rail terminal operations" covers all kinds of
freight and passenger rail terminals, i.e., traditional shunting yards,
intermodal rail-road terminals, modern rail-rail transshipment yards,
rail terminals in seaports, depots for rolling stock, and (last but not
least) conventional railway stations for passenger trains. We invite
researchers and practitioners to contribute to this special issue by
submitting papers on the development and application of quantitative
approaches for planning the operations in rail terminals. While the main
focus is on operational scheduling problems, also papers on long-term
problems such as layout issues are welcome, if rigorously tackled with
quantitative approaches.

The topics of special interest include, but are not limited to the
- train assembly in shunting yards
- load planning of freight trains
- gantry crane scheduling
- scheduling container delivery processes with trucks
- planning of intermediate container storage
- overnight storage of railcars in depots
- assignment of passenger trains to platforms

All papers submitted to this special issue should report original work
and will be peer reviewed according to the standard of OR Spectrum.
According to the politics of OR Spectrum, high quality OR papers are
wanted that are relevant to the scope of the journal, rigor in applying
state-of-the-art OR techniques, innovative, and promising to have an
impact on future work of the scientific OR community.

Special Issue Editors

Nils Boysen
Chair of Operations Management
Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena

Dirk Briskorn
Chair of Production and Logistics
Bergische University Wuppertal

Sigrid Knust
Institute of Computer Science
University Osnabrück
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