Sunday, August 7, 2016

[DMANET] Postdoc mathematical optimization Tartu (Estonia)

The Algorithms & Theory group at the Computer Science Institute of the
University of Tartu, Estonia, is looking for candidates for a

2-year Postdoc in Mathematical Optimization.

The project involves theoretical (proving theorems!!) and practical
(writing code) work in applying convex, semidefinite, and linear
programming to a group of problems which are of interest in Data
Mining and Computational Biology, among others. Ultimately, the nature
of the problems is combinatorial, so there are connections to
SDP/LP-based approximation algorithms.

Your Qualifications

* PhD in Math or CS.
* PhD less than 5 years ago.
* Publications in top journals (Math.Prog., SIAM J.Opt, ...)
* Skills and strong interest in Theory, i.e., proving theorems.
* Background in combinatorial optimization (approximation algorithms)
is welcome!
* Fluency in English is required.


* Salary after tax: up to Euro 1700 (negotiable)
* Health insurance (w/o dental) included
* Relocation support (~ Euro 6500)

[Average after tax income in Estonia is ~ Euro 930
(; or Google average net income Estonia), so
Euro 1700 in Estonia means much more relative wealth than, say, Euro
2200 in Germany.]

Your Duties

* Conduct research within the project
* Develop an independent research profile
* Co-supervise PhD students
* Supervise Master Students
* Teaching: 90 minutes per term week (classroom time, negotiable)

The Work Place

The CS Institute

* English is the working language in the CS institute.
* All teaching on graduate level is in English.
* A large portion of the faculty are expats.
* Strong research focus.

The University

* See QS university overview: .


* Picturesque student city (= cafes, bars, restaurants, nightlife,
tons of exchange students), with ~100,000 inhabitants + ~17,000
* Home to the region's most venerable university.
* Climate:
5 months party in the streets (summer)
5 months party in the sauna (winter).
* .


* Eurozone since 2011
* Bustling economy
* Language similar to Finnish...
* need to learn it though: English works everywhere.

How To Apply

If you are interested, please send your informal inquiries to:

Dr. rer.nat. habil. Dirk Oliver Theis
Associate Professor
dotheis [at] ut [dot] ee

Do this as soon as possible. The funding for the position is
competitive, and requires that we submit the candidate's application
data together with the description of his research plan by the end of
August. The sooner you contact us, the better we can fine-tune the
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