Wednesday, August 24, 2016

[DMANET] Last Call for Participation -- 10th Heinz Nixdorf Symposium -- Registration ends on September 1, 2016


10th Heinz Nixdorf Symposium
"On-The-Fly Computing"

Paderborn, Germany, September 12 - 13, 2016
Registration Deadline: September 1, 2016

The 10th International Heinz Nixdorf Symposium is aimed at researchers
who conduct Computer Science and/or Economics research on topics of
the SFB 901 "On-The-Fly Computing" (
in a broad sense, and is devoted to the scientific exchange.
It will take place in the Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum
( in Paderborn, Germany.
The event format is a mixture of keynote talks and workshops
with invited talks in the following four research fields:

* Software Engineering and Machine Learning
* Dynamic Communication Networks
* Security and Cryptography
* Quality Assurance and Economic Design

For more information, please see the corresponding program:
The Heinz Nixdorf Symposium is an established biennial event of the
Heinz Nixdorf Institute during which researchers and practitioners
come together to present challenges from industry, discuss contributions
from research institutions and develop novel solutions.
The Heinz Nixdorf Institute ( is a
research center within the Paderborn University, founded in 1987.
Its research is aligned with the program "Dynamics, Mobility, Integration:
En-route to the technical systems of tomorrow."

Invited Speakers
Michael Backes, Saarland University & Max Planck Institute for Software Systems
Roger Wattenhofer, ETH Zurich
Matthias Seeger, Amazon
Nora Szech, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

Program committee / Symposium Organizers
Johannes Blömer (co-chair)
Eric Bodden
Gregor Engels
Rene Fahr (co-chair)
Bernd Frick
Burkhard Hehenkamp
Eyke Hüllermeier (co-chair)
Holger Karl
Friedhelm Meyer auf der Heide (chair)
Christian Scheideler (co-chair)
Heike Wehrheim

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