Thursday, December 1, 2016

[DMANET] One Year Postdoctoral Position in Algorithms and Complexity

Application Deadline: 05-Dec-2016
Salary: £36,001 to £40,523 per annum
Location: Computer Science Department, University of Bristol, UK
Application link:

Based in the Department of Computer Science of the University of
Bristol you will carry out research within a project concerned with
the development of new algorithms as well as provable time and space
lower bounds. Our current work focuses on pattern matching in
dynamically changing data however we also have a broader interest in
other aspects of algorithms/theory research.

The post will require a high level of expertise in areas which may
include but not be limited to data structures and algorithms, discrete
probability, discrete mathematics and combinatorics.

Candidates with interests in both lower bounds and algorithms or only
one of the two are strongly encouraged to apply.

Algorithms and upper bounds

The emphasis will be on developing algorithms and data structures with
provable performance bounds. Depending on your interests, you may also
at times implement and test algorithms related to the proposal. A
particular focus will be on faster and/or more space efficient
algorithms for combinatorial pattern matching in dynamically changing
as well as streaming data.

Lower bounds

This part will have as its main focus the development of time and
space lower bounds. As a team we have in recent years shown new time
and space lower bounds for streaming problems as well as time-space
trade-offs for the element distinctness problem. This part of the role
will be to extend this work in this exciting area of research.

You will have a Ph.D. in theoretical computer science ("Track A") or
closely related area together with a strong track record of
international publications in algorithms or theoretical computer
science ("Track A") venues. This may include for example,
ICALP/SODA/STOC/FOCS. We also welcome applications from talented
computer scientists whose main interest has been in mainstream "Track
A" theory rather than specifically pattern matching.

In addition you will have excellent written and spoken communication
skills including the ability to explain and share deep concepts. You
will also have a strong mathematical background.

Please clearly state why you are interested in this post and how your
previous track record makes you suitable for the role.

The post is being offered on a full time, fixed term contract with
funding up to December 31 2017.

Informal enquiries to Raphael Clifford at

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