Friday, February 24, 2017

[DMANET] BGSMath Monthly Program: 'Random Discrete Structres and Beyond': Financial support

Dear all,

The Barcelona Graduate School of Mathematics (BGSMath) offers an
intensive 1-week advanced graduate courses on Random Discrete
Structures on May/June 2017. The calendar is the following:

- Discrete Fourier analysis: combinatorics and percolation (Tobias
Müller, Week 1: 22nd May - 26th May)
- Embedding large structures in random graphs (David Conlon, Week 2:
29th May - 2nd June)
- Random trees: from Darwin to Janson (Luc Devroye, Week 4: 12th June
- 16th June)
- Random graphs from constrained graph classes (Colin McDiarmid, Week
4: 12th June - 16th June)

The monthly program will also include the workshop "Random Discrete
Structures and Beyond" will take place on Week 3: 7th June - 9th June

We offer financial support for graduate students and Postdoctoral
researchers in order to attend the courses. The deadline for financial
support is 24th March.

All the information and registration is available in the following website:

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