Sunday, February 19, 2017

[DMANET] PLS 11 Second CFP



July 12-16, 2017, Delphi, Greece

The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and

the National Technical University of Athens.

The University of Cyprus will help in the organization.



Deadline for submission: Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Notification: Friday, May 12, 2017

Final copy due: Friday, June 2, 2017



- Zoé Chatzidakis, ENS, Paris

- Hannes Leitgeb, LMU, Munich

- Yiannis Moschovakis, UCLA

- Andrea Sorbi, Siena University

- Wolfgang Thomas, RWTH, Aachen

- Timothy Williamson, Oxford University



- Valentina Harisanov, George Washington University,

"Computable Model Theory"

- Ya'acov Peterzil, University of Haifa, "O-minimality"

- Anand Pillay, Notre Dame, "Model theory"



Computability Theory (Organizer: Alexandra Soskova)

- Damir Dzhafarov, University of Connecticut

- Ekaterina Fokina, Vienna University of Technology

- Andy Lewis-Pye, London School of Economics

- Joseph Miller, University of Wisconsin, Madison

- Antonio Montalban, UC Berkeley

- Paul Shafer, University of Gent

Model Theory (Organizers: Pantelis Eleftheriou, Rizos Sklinos)

- Artem Chernikov, UCLA

- Amador Martin-Pizarro, Lyon 1

- Sergei Starchenko, University of Notre Dame, TBC

- Frank Wagner, Lyon 1



The Scientific Committee cordially invites all researchers in the

area of the conference to submit their papers until April 12, 2017

(in PDF-format, in English, at most 6 pages) for presentation at

PLS11 to htps://

Papers should be prepared using the EasyChair class style


All submitted papers will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee

of the symposium, who will make final decisions on acceptance.

During the symposium, each accepted paper will be presented

(a twenty minutes talk) by one of its authors, with five extra

minutes for questions.

If possible, each submitted paper should be classified in one of

the following areas:

- Ancient Logic

- Computability Theory

- History and Philosophy of Logic

- Logic in Computer Science

- Model Theory

- Nonclassical and Modal Logics

- Proof Theory

- Set Theory



Graduate students and young researchers are invited to submit a short

abstract on work in progress. Authors of accepted abstracts will have

an opportunity to present their results in poster form in a special

poster session. Interested students and young researchers should

submit abstracts of no more than one page in PDF form by June 2, 2017,

by sending them by e-mail to:



ASL Student Travel Grants:

PLS11 is sponsored by the Association for Symbolic Logic. All student

members of the ASL can apply for travel funding. To be considered for

a Travel Award, please (1) send a letter of application, and (2) ask

your thesis supervisor to send a brief recommendation letter. The

application letter should be brief (preferably one page) and should

include: (1) your name; (2) your home institution; (3) your thesis

supervisor's name; (4) a one-paragraph description of your studies and

work in logic, and a paragraph explaining why it is important to

attend the meeting; (5) your estimate of the travel expenses you will

incur; (6) (for citizens or residents of the USA) citizenship or visa

status; and (7) (voluntary) indication of your gender and minority

status. Women and members of minority groups are strongly encouraged

to apply. Applications should be sent to before April

12, 2017.

EMS grants for Young Researchers:

Thanks to the generous support from European Mathematical Society,

PLS11 is glad to be able to offer free registration for Masters and

PhD students in Logic and young early career researchers for

participating at PLS 11. In order to apply for grants please send a CV

to until April 12, 2017.

Preference will be given to researchers who submitted a paper.



- Costas Dimitracopoulos, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

- Pantelis Eleftheriou, University of Konstanz

- Vassilis Gregoriades, Università di Torino, Italy

- Antonis Kakas, University of Cyprus

- Lefteris Kirousis, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

- Nikolaos Papaspyrou, National Technical University of Athens

- Athanasios Pheidas, University of Crete

- George Tourlakis, York University, Canada

- Rizos Sklinos, Université Lyon 1

- Alexandra Soskova, Sofia University, Chair

- Stathis Zachos, National Technical University of Athens


- Antonis Kakas, University of Cyprus, Chair

- Nikolaos Papaspyrou, National Technical University of Athens

- Panos Rondogiannis, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

- Petros Stefaneas, National Technical University of Athens

- Yannis Stephanou, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens





- Alexandra Soskova <>

Chair of the Scientific Committee

- Antonis Kakas <>

Chair of the Organizing Committee

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