Thursday, May 4, 2017

[DMANET] Special issue of the EJCO on Robust Combinatorial Optimisation

Dear Colleague

We are pleased to announce the Call for Papers for the Special Issue of the
EURO Journal on Computational Optimization, dedicated to Robust
Combinatorial Optimization.

Robust optimization has become a central framework to handle the
uncertainty that arises in the parameters of optimization problems. While
classical RO results can efficiently handle linear programs for a large
variety of uncertainty sets, the situation is more complex for
optimization problems
involving discrete decisions. Efficient exact or approximate solution
for such problems must exploit the combinatorial structure of the problems
at hand. The aim of the special issue is to invite high-quality manuscripts
addressing robust combinatorial optimization problems and presenting
convincing numerical results. A special interest shall be devoted to papers
considering extensions of well-known uncertainty sets. Possible topics
include, but are not restricted to:
* valid inequalities for robust MILPs,
* decomposition algorithms for robust MILPs,
* constraint programming approaches to robust combinatorial optimization,
* heuristic and meta-heuristic algorithms for hard robust combinatorial
* ad-hoc combinatorial algorithms,
* novel applications of robust combinatorial optimization,
* multi-stage integer robust optimization,
* recoverable robust optimization,
* alternative robust combinatorial frameworks (min-max regret, light
robustness, ...).

Following the journal high standards, we expect high-quality contributions
that will undergo the strict reviewing process of EJCO. Submission deadline
is July 15 2017.

In order to submit a paper for the special issue,
1. Log on the editorial manager using the <Author Login> via the website
2. Select <Submit New Manuscript> in the main menu.
3. In the drop down list associated with <Choose Article Type> select the
desired special issue (SI: Robust Combinatorial Optimisation). Note that
all entries corresponding to the special issues start with SI.

We are looking forward to receiving your contributions.

The Guest Editors
Arie Koster, RWTH Aachen University, Germany,
Michael Poss, LIRMM, CNRS, France

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