Wednesday, March 2, 2022

[DMANET] CFP on Quantum OR at EURO Conference 2022

Dear colleagues,

Quantum Optimization approaches define new promising resolution
approaches for combinatorial optimization problems that could be more
time efficient that classical algorithms, since programmable noisy
intermediate-scale quantum optimizers with more than hundred of quantum
bits are now available.

After the early publications of Grover in the 90s, there is now new
trend of quantum publications defining new algorithms. These methods
could be considered as a new paradigm similar but quite different
approach than the well-known simulated annealing. This class of quantum
meta-heuristic based approaches defined a new way in including both
search space exploration, diversification and local search.

Because Quantum OR draw attention of numerous OR researchers, we have
decided to propose a new session dedicated on Quantum OR at the 32nd
EURO Conference that takes place in Aalto Universityin July 2022. <>

We would invite you to submit any kind of contributions related to this
"quantum" session using the following code *1b7d916f*.

Note that the due date is March 25^th .

Best regards

Eric Bourreau (LIRMM – Montpellier – France)

Philippe Lacomme (LIMOS – Clermont-Ferrand – France)

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