Tuesday, March 8, 2022

[DMANET] ​ Special issue "Women’s Special Issue Series: Sustainable Energy"

Dear Colleagues and Friends, Happy International Women's Day!
As guest editor, I am pleased to announce a call for papers for the special
issue "Women's Special Issue Series: Sustainable Energy" (
https://www.mdpi.com/journal/sustainability/special_issues/wsis_se) of the
open access journal Sustainability, IF 3.251

This special issue is part of Sustainability's Women's Special Issue Series
and advocates the advancement of women scientists in addressing the
challenges related to the energy transition.

We seek papers with insights on innovative solutions that will face the
emerging challenges of the energy transition, gathering contributions on
advanced models, methodologies, technologies, best practices and innovative
solutions for making energy systems sustainable and companies resilient.

Original research articles, short communications, position papers and
reviews are welcome from all authors, irrespective of gender identity.

Topics of interest for publication include but are not limited to the

Sustainable/green consumption and production systems;

Sustainable/green supply chain management and optimization;

Sustainable/green transportation systems;

Sustainable development;

Drivers of sustainable innovation and technology;

Vulnerability, resilience, and uncertainty issue in sustainability.

Energy innovation and smart communities and cities;

Renewable energy production;

Cost and benefit of renewable energy consumption;

Management of green energy;

Technological innovation and energy.

The deadline for submission is October, 2022.
We invite contributions to the Special Issue whose lead authors identify as
women. The submission of articles with all-women authorship is especially
encouraged. However, we do welcome articles from all authors, irrespective
of gender.
I look forward to receiving your contributions.

Maria Elena Bruni
*Guest Editor*

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