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[DMANET] IEEE/ACM DCOSS 2011, Paper submission due: Feb 4, 2011

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The 7th IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing in
Sensor Systems

July 27-29, 2011, Barcelona, Spain

Distributed sensor systems have become a highly active research area
due to their potential for providing diverse new capabilities. Such
systems allow intelligent dense monitoring of physical environments.
The focus of this conference is on distributed computing issues in
largescale networked sensor systems (including algorithms, applications,
systematic design techniques and tools, and in-network signal and
information processing).

Authors are invited to submit original unpublished manuscripts that
demonstrate current research on computational aspects of distributed
sensor systems. Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

. Computation and programming models
. Energy models, minimization, awareness
. Distributed collaborative information processing
. Detection and tracking
. Theoretical performance analysis:complexity, correctness, scalability
. Abstractions for modular design
. Fault tolerance and security
. Languages, operating systems
. Task allocation, reprogramming and reconfiguration
. Dynamic resource management
. Scalable, heterogeneous architectures (node and system-level)
. Middleware interfaces, communication and processing primitives
. Design, simulation and optimization tools for deployment and operation
. Design automation and application synthesis techniques
. closed-loop control for sensing and actuation
. Case studies: lessons from real world deployments
. Network coding and compression

General Co-Chair
Ivan Stojmenovic, University of Ottawa, Canada
Mischa Dohler, Centre Tecnologic de Telecom. de Catalunya,Spain

Technical Program Chair
Adam Dunkels, Swedish Institute of Computer Science,Sweden

Program Vice Chairs
Algorithms and Performance Analysis:
Suman Nath, Microsoft, USA
Systems and Applications:
Signal Processing and Information Theory:
Michael Rabbat, McGill University, Canada

Workshop Chair
Sotiris Nikoletseas, University of Patras and CTI, Greece

Proceedings Chair
Rafael Falcon, University of Ottawa, Canada

Publicity Co-Chairs
Jiming Chen, Zhejiang University, China
Xu Li, INRIA Lille Nord Europe, France

Web Chair
Marcio Almeida, University of Ottawa, Canada

Paper submission: Feb 4, 2011
Notification: March 25, 2011
Camera-ready: April 11, 2011
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