Wednesday, November 24, 2010

[DMANET] Professorship (W3) in Hamburg (TUHH)

The Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg is expanding its maths
section and has created three new chairs, one of them in Discrete

I have been assured that they are looking for the strongest candidate,
regardless of field. In particular, the attribute "computer-oriented"
included in the advertisement should not discourage otherwise strong
candidates who feel they might fall short of this expectation.

While the Technical University is not the same as the University of
Hamburg, the graph theory group at the University of Hamburg hopes that
the successful candidate will be able and willing to foster close links
between the two.

For candidates whose native language is not German it may be possible to
negotiate conditions that will allow them to delay the point in time
from which they are expected to teach in German.

Reinhard Diestel

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