Wednesday, September 14, 2011

[compgeom-announce] One PhD and One PostDoc positions in computer science, University of Dijon, France

Dear colleague,

I would be grateful if you could bring this opportunity for a PhD and
postDoc positions to
the attention of suitable candidates. Thank you in advance for your help.
With best regards

D. Michelucci. & S. Foufou

Topic: Geometric constraints solving with application to curves and
surfaces modeling,
Lab/institutions: CNRS LE2i Lab/University of Dijon, France.
: flexible, but as early as possible.
Duration of the contracts: 3 years and 3 months for the PhD,
2 years with possible
extension for the PostDoc.
Salary: about 1000 euros for the PhD, and 2000 euros for the postDoc
Supervisors: Profs. Dominique Michelucci (, and
Sebti Foufou (

Applications are invited for a PhD, and a PostDoc Positions and in
computer science,
in the team of Computer Graphics, in the French CNRS laboratory LE2i,
University of Dijon, France.
The positions can be started as soon as possible.

The research topic concerns Geometric Constraints Solving, with
to the modelling and reconstructing of curves and surfaces in Computer

The PhD studies will be carried out under supervision of Prof. Dominique
and Prof. Sebti Foufou

Applicants must hold a MSc degree (or equivalent) in mathematics or
computer science or computer graphics, or a related field. They should be
able to communicate in English. The ideal applicant will have a strong
background in
mathematics, and computer science, and preferably experience with
computing. Specific desirable qualifications include: applied geometry,
numerical analysis
and computer programming.

Applications should be sent to
Required documents are:
* a letter of application
* a detailed curriculum vitae
* a copy of the master or the PhD diploma
* a reference letter by their master supervisor.

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Sebti Foufou, Prof.
IEM, Le2i, Univ. de Bourgogne,
BP 47870, 21078 Dijon, France
Tel: 038039 3805 Fax: 038039 5910

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