Tuesday, January 24, 2012

[DMANET] ECCO 2012 - Call for papers for Green Logistics

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Call for papers for the Green Logistics session in ECCO 2012

This session is part of the Emerging Applications of Combinatorial Optimization stream within ECCO 2012 - the 25th conference of European Chapter on Combinatorial Optimization. This session welcomes contributions describing models, tools, techniques and methodologies for environmentally friendly or sustainable ways of planning transport operations, in domains such as:

*   city logistics,
*   intelligent transportation systems,
*   intermodal transportation,
*   network design and planning,
*   passenger transportation,
*   reverse logistics,
*   green logistics,
*   road, rail, air and maritime freight operations,
*   supply chain management,
*   terminal operations management and planning,
*   vehicle routing and scheduling.

Interested authors may submit their abstracts by going to the abstract submission page http://www.eccoxxv.org/ using the code 7bc540f5.

The deadline for abstract submissions is February 1, 2012. If you would like to submit an abstract but are not ready yet to do so, or wish to discuss your prospective submission, then please get in touch with me at T.Bektas "at" soton.ac.uk

The ECCO 2012 conference will be held in Antalya, Turkey from April 26-28, 2012.


Dr Tolga Bektas
Southampton Management School
University of Southampton.

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