Friday, January 4, 2013

[DMANET] open positions in AComin project

The IICT-BAS opens two employment positions for incoming post-docs in
the following areas:

Advanced computing (supercomputing, high-performance computing,
parallel processing etc.),
Language and semantic technologies,
Signal and image processing,
Optimisation and intelligent control.

In the AComIn context, 'incoming researcher' is a scientist who has
been working outside Bulgaria for more than 2 years during the last 3
years. The positions will be opened for 12 months with option to
extend them till the AComIn project end. The salaries are compliant to
the FP7 Marie Curie rates. Non-EU citizens will need working visa for
employment in Bulgaria (and visa applications are made to the
Bulgarian embassies in the candidate's country of residence).
The set of application documents includes:

Diploma(s) proving the mathematical background and profound
knowledge of the basic technologies;
Relatively recent PhD degree in one of the following four areas:
(a) Advanced computing, (b) Language and semantic technologies, (c)
Signal and image processing or (d) Optimisation and control;
Abstract of achievements in the PhD thesis;
Complete list of publications and citations if any;
Recommendation letters from three internationally-recognised
seniors, which include assessment of the candidate's
research capacity in the AComIn areas,
team work abilities and commitment to the scientific
community, as well as
leadership potential;
Evidences about:
experience in applied ICT research – e.g. working with companies,
participation of the candidate in RTD projects;
Curriculum Vitae describing among others the candidate's
skills in using various computer platforms and standard
software environments and
submitted project proposals or other kinds of grant applications;
Evidences about spoken and written English language competence at
least at ′intermediate level′ (for applicants whose competence in
English is not implied by the CV – e.g. native speaker, defended PhD
thesis in English, worked in English-speaking environment for years
Motivation letter why the candidate wants to join the AComIn team including
statement of preferences in which area he or she wants to work
(with particular Smart Lab devices),
candidate's view of his desired achievements and preferred
position in 3-5 years;
Earliest possible date when the applicant can start working in IICT;
Contact details.

Application deadline: 28 February 2013.
The selection procedure consists of two phases. After eligibility
check of the submitted application documents (phase 1), a potential
host professor will be assigned to each candidate. Phase two includes
further personal contact and invitation to (skype) interview.

For more information send a mail to

Assoc. Prof. Stefka Fidanova
Acad. G. Bonchev str. bl.25A
1113 Sofia Bulgaria
Ph. +359-2-9796642
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