Tuesday, October 29, 2013

2 PhD / postdoc positions in stochastic model checking, U Twente

The Formal Methods & Tool Group has at University of Twente
two PhD or Postdoc positions available in stochastic model checking

POSITION 1: smart railroad maintenance via stochastic model checking (ArRangeer)

Goal of the ArRangeer project is to develop smart railroad maintenance techniques through stochastic modeling, analysis and optimization. In particular, our aim is to extend the widely used fault tree formalism with maintenance models. The scientific core is the extension and refinement of stochastic model checking and stochastic decisions techniques to maintenance planning problems.
We will extensively cooperate with the RWTH Aachen University, and maintenance engineers from ProRail, Movares and NedTrain. Key project deliverables are efficient analysis algorithms and a workable tool to be used in the ProRail context.
For more information in this project, see http://fmt.cs.utwente.nl/vacancies/ or contact m.i.a.stoelinga@utwente.nl or j.p.katoen@utwente.nl

POSITION 2: Quantitative security analysis via stochastic model checking

(EU FP7 project TREsPASS)

Goal of the TREsPASS project is to develop an attack navigator to predict, prioritize and prevent information security attacks. We will use a model-based and quantitative approach. In particular, we will develop methods and techniques to expose which attack opportunities are possible; which of them are most urgent; and which countermeasures are most effective.

Scientific core of our work is the extension, refinement, and tailoring of stochastic model checking and stochastic decision-theory techniques to quantify risks on attacks, attack scenarios and the effectiveness of countermeasures. Key project deliverables are efficient analysis algorithms and their implementation in a workable tool.
For more information in this project, see http://fmt.cs.utwente.nl/vacancies/  or contact m.i.a.stoelinga@utwente.nl or j.c.vandepol@utwente.nl

During the whole project, we will extensively cooperate with the TREsPASS partners, most notably with Aalborg University Denmark, Technical University Denmark, University of Luxemburg, and the industrial partners Cybernetica and Consult Hyperion.

  • We are looking for a candidates with a strong background in mathematics or theoretical computer science, and the will to apply this expertise in practical case studies. 
  • The projects are supervised by Dr Marielle Stoelinga (both), Prof.dr. Jaco van de Pol (TREsPASS) and Prof.dr.Joost-Pieter Katoen (ArRangeer)
  • PhD student/Postdoc: Full status as an employee at the University of Twente, including pension and health care benefits.
  • Gross salary PhD student: ranging from EUR 2083 (1st year) to EUR 2664 (4th year) per month, plus holiday allowance (8%) and end-of-year bonus (8.3%).
  • Gross salary Postdoc: starting from EUR 2919 plus holiday allowance (8%) and end-of-year bonus (8.3%)
We are looking forward to your application (deadline December 1) via the following links:

Dr Marielle Stoelinga
Associate Professor of Risk Management for ICT
University of Twente