Thursday, October 31, 2013

[DMANET] CMS 2014 - 1st Announcement and Call for papers

CMS 2014 - 11th International Conference on Computational Management Science
1st announcement and call for papers

The 11th International Conference on Computational Management Science will
be held May 29-31 2014, in the Faculty of Sciences at the University of
Lisbon, Portugal.

The CMS conference is an annual meeting associated with the journal of
Computational Management Science published by Springer. The aim of this
conference is to provide a forum for theoreticians and practitioners from
academia and industry to exchange knowledge, ideas and results in a broad
range of topics relevant to the theory and practice of computational
methods, models and empirical analysis for decision making in economics,
engineering, finance and management. These include the following topics:

- computational economics, finance and statistics;
- energy;
- scheduling;
- supply chains;
- design, analysis and applications of optimization algorithms;
- deterministic, dynamic, stochastic, robust and combinatorial optimization
- solution algorithms;
- learning and forecasting such as neural networks and genetic algorithms;
- models and tools of knowledge acquisition, such as data mining;
- all other topics in management science with the emphasis on computational

This year the CMS conference will place particular emphasis on computational
methods and tools relevant for two important areas: Energy and Finance.

Participants are invited to submit a short abstract (approximately 300
words). Participants may, in addition, submit a short conference paper (2-6
pages) to be published in a volume of Lecture Notes on Computer Science, by
Springer. A selection from all presentations will also be considered for
publication as full papers in a special issue of Computational Management

Plenary speakers: Victor DeMiguel (London Business School), William
Pulleyblank (United States Military Academy), Daniel Ralph (University of
Cambridge), Rüdiger Schultz (Universität Duisburg-Essen).

A CMS Best Student Paper Prize will be awarded at the conference. Further
details will be provided later.

Submission deadline for abstracts and conference papers: February 14, 2014

Conference chairs:
Raquel J. Fonseca (University of Lisbon)
Daniel Kuhn (EPFL - École Polytechnique Fédéral de Lausanne)
João Telhada (University of Lisbon)

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