Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Post docs at the Technion

As in previous years, the Technion offers some post doc fellowships,
starting October 2014. This is a competition between candidates. In order
for a candidate to participate, the request must be submitted by the
intended host (who also must participate in the funding). The eventual
submission to the Technion includes a CV, 3 letters of support, a
statement of research and a letter detailing the intended cooperation
between the host and the post doc.

In addition for grants to post docs from anywhere, there are several
grants for citizens if India, and citizens of China only. The deadline for
this kind of fellowships is rather soon. The deadline for the other
fellowships is late November this year.

The subjects of the post doc are any. However, I would be glad to consider
hosting excellent post docs in distributed computing. Strong letters of
support and strong results already obtained (and possibly published) will
make a successful submission rather likely and, I believe, worthwhile.

Please do not hesitate to ask questions.