Tuesday, February 3, 2015

[DMANET] CFP::CSoNet'15::International Conference on Computational Social Networks

4th International Conference on Computational Social Networks (CSoNet 2015)
August 4-6th, 2015 Beijing, China.
Call for Papers
In the last decade, there has been an explosive growth of research on
practical complex networks, a theme that is becoming pervasive in many
disciplines, ranging from mathematics and computer science to the
social and biological sciences. Typical structures in reality include
internet topologies, web graphs, peer-to-peer networks, biological
networks, economic networks and most commonly social networks. A lot
of research efforts have been made recently towards a deep
understanding of real-world social platforms. Computing in social
science, as a result, has become one of the central themes across
mathematical science, information and communication technology, which
attracts significant interest from researchers in mathematics,
computer science, system science, and social science. The objective of
this conference is to advance and promote the theoretical foundation,
mathematical aspects, and applications of social computing.

CSoNet 2015 is inherently interdisciplinary as it attempts to
integrate across different disciplines such as social science,
computer science, networks science, and mathematics in pursuit of an
foundational understanding of computational social networks. The
conference welcomes all submissions with focus on common principles,
algorithms and tools that govern social network structures/topologies,
social interactions, functionalities, security and privacy, network
behaviours, information diffusions and influence, social
recommendation systems which are applicable to all types of social
networks and social media. There are two submission types (in LNCS
+ Full Paper (up to 12 pages)
+ Extended Abstracts (up to 2 pages)

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to) the following:
+ Social network design and architecture
+ Mathematical modeling and analysis of real-world social platforms
+ Information retrieval in social contexts, political analysts
+ Social community structure detection and analysis
+ Network dynamics optimization
+ Information diffusion models and analysis
+ Security and privacy in online social networks
+ Efficient algorithms for social computing
+ Social trends and network behaviors
+ Reputation and trust issues in social media
+ Social influence, recommendation and media analysis
+ Big data analysis on online social networks

All accepted papers will be published in LNCS. Selected papers can be
invited to publish in special issues of Journal of Combinatorial
Optimization (ISI) and Computational Social Networks (Springer).

Important Dates
+ Paper submission due: Mar 29th 2015 (11:59pm EST).
+ Notification of Acceptance: May 3rd 2015.
+ Camera-ready and Registration: May 24th 2015.

Steering Committee
+ My T. Thai, University of Florida, USA (Chair)
+ Zhi-Li Zhang, University of Minnesota, USA
+ Weili Wu, University of Texas - Dallas, USA

TPC Chairs
+ Nam P. Nguyen, Towson University, USA
+ Huawei Shen, Chinese Academy of Science, China
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