Wednesday, February 11, 2015

[DMANET] Tenured Full Professor Position in Computer Science in Bordeaux, France

Call for Applications

3-year Research Chair
Tenured Full Professor Position in Computer Science
IdEx Bordeaux

The University of Bordeaux is opening a full professor position in
Computer Science. This position may benefit from specific funding
through the IdEx Bordeaux Chair program. This program is expected to
contribute to strengthening the academic community of the University of
Bordeaux and other partner institutions in strategic fields by
supporting high-profile researchers in setting up a research team for
the development of their projects within one of Bordeaux laboratories.

The successful candidate will join LaBRI, the Bordeaux research lab in
computer science[1] (UMR 5800), a joint research unit of the University,
the Bordeaux Polytechnic Institute and CNRS.

LaBRI is looking to reinforce its expertise in two different areas of
Computer Science:

- Models, Software, Computation, and Data. The convergence of models,
simulation, computation and data, and their application towards the
development of secure infrastructure and systems, to understand,
predict, and decide, is a characteristic feature of contemporary
Computer Science, both in its scientific foundations and in its
interactions with other sciences, with the industry, and with society in
general. LaBRI wants to strengthen its expertise in this vast area,
which covers issues related to modeling and numerical simulation,
high-performance computing, large amounts of data, design of and
algorithms for distributed systems, cloud computing, domain-specific
data processing and knowledge elaboration, decision support, development
of efficient programming paradigms, and safe and reliable complex systems.

- Interactive Systems. Interactions between humans and computerized
systems are at the heart of challenges that must be tackled by computer
science. LaBRI wants to strengthen its skills in this broad area, which
covers issues related to digital contents, human system interactions and
virtual and augmented reality, robotics and embedded systems, Internet
of Things, and intelligent systems.

The successful candidate will lecture undergraduate courses, and
graduate courses in relation with his/her research area.

LaBRI is seeking high-level candidates for this position and the hiring
committee will be attentive to the quality of the research project and
the way it integrates with the existing teams of the lab. The hiring
committee will also pay attention to the applicants' capacity to hold
positions of responsibility within the research lab or the teaching unit.

In addition, the Professor, recruited through a competitive admission
process, may benefit from a startup funding through the IdEx Bordeaux
Chairs Programs.

Eligible candidates are researchers with international experience and an
outstanding scientific record (publications, patents, etc.), who have
not previously held a teaching or research position at the University of
Bordeaux or any other IdEx partner institution. International
researchers should hold a "qualification" from the French "Conseil
national des universités" (CNU), or occupy a Professor or Assistant
Professor position (or equivalent) in a foreign university. Post-docs or
equivalent are not eligible for a Professor position in the University
of Bordeaux without a CNU qualification.

Funding will consist of a minimum of 250.000 € for three years (not
including the PI salary). This amount may be used for the setting up of
a research lab (purchase of equipment), for hiring team members
(salaries) and for operational costs.

IdEx Bordeaux will perform an independent evaluation of the candidate
and his project. Candidates should specifically apply for research chair
funding by submitting before March 12th the following documents (in
English) through the Senior Chairs application website:

- a letter of intent introducing the candidate and briefly presenting
his/her project and its medium- to long-term perspectives;
- a full cv of the candidate;
- a research project description with an estimative budget (3 years).

In the absence of a suitable candidate, IdEx Bordeaux reserves the right
not to grant this chair.

Prospective applicants are encouraged to contact Pascal Weil
(, head of LaBRI, and Alain.Griffault
(, head of Computer Science Faculty, for
additional information.

The Laboratoire Bordelais de Recherche en Informatique (LaBRI, UMR 5800)
is a research unit associated with the CNRS, the University of Bordeaux
and the Bordeaux National Polytechnic Institute, and a partner of Inria.
In october 2014 it had a total of 320 members including 113
teaching/research staff (University of Bordeaux, and Bordeaux INP), 37
research staff (CNRS and Inria), 23 administrative and technical staff
members and more than 140 doctoral students and post-docs. The LaBRI's
missions are of three types: research (fundamental and applied),
technology application and transfer and training through research. The
lab is organized in six teams, each one combining basic research,
applied research and technology transfer:

- Combinatorics and Algorithmic;
- Image and Sound;
- Formal Methods;
- Models and Algorithms for Bio-informatics and Data Visualization;
- Programming, Networks and Systems;
- Supports and Algorithms for High Performance Numerical Applications.

The Initiative of Excellence of the University of Bordeaux (IdEx
Bordeaux) is a collective program coordinated by the Université de
Bordeaux, in association with national research centers CNRS and Inserm,
and the following higher education and research organizations: Bordeaux
Sciences Agro, Bordeaux INP, Université Bordeaux Montaigne and Sciences
Po Bordeaux. IdEx Bordeaux also involves other partnering organizations:
CEA, INRA, Inria, IRSTEA, Ifremer and CHU de Bordeaux.

The Excellence Initiative of the University of Bordeaux has been labeled
and funded by the French government under theProgramme des
Investissements d'Avenir, operated by the national research agency ANR


Eric Sopena.
LaBRI, Université de Bordeaux
351 crs de la Libération, CS 10004, F-33405 Talence cedex, France
Tél. +33 5 40 00 38 71 - Fax. +33 5 40 00 66 69
IUT de Bordeaux, Département Informatique
15, rue Naudet, CS 10207
Tél. +33 5 56 84 57 85 - Fax. +33 5 56 84 58 86

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