Saturday, July 18, 2015

[DMANET] QPLIB2014 -- beta version

QPLIB2014 -- beta version

We are pleased to inform you that the beta version of the QPLIB2014 is now
online and it can be downloaded here:

The beta version contains: 410 discrete instances and 138 continuous
instances with different characteristics.

The idea behind this beta version is to spread the instances gathered in
order to have a round of feedbacks before the final release of the library.
All comments or suggestions should be send to the following email address:

The QPLIB2014 has been presented at the conference ISMP 2015 and the slides
of the talk, containing some additional information about the selected
instances, can be found here:

Please feel free to contact us for any questions, doubts or additional

The QPlib2014 Committee:

* Alper Atamturk
* Pietro Belotti
* Pierre Bonami
* Samuel Burer
* Sourour Elloumi
* Antonio Frangioni
* Fabio Furini
* Ambros Gleixner
* Nick Gould
* Leo Liberti
* Andrea Lodi
* Ruth Misener
* Nick Sahinidis
* Frederic Roupin
* Emiliano Traversi
* Angelika Wiegele

* Contributions to be spread via DMANET are submitted to
* Replies to a message carried on DMANET should NOT be
* addressed to DMANET but to the original sender. The
* original sender, however, is invited to prepare an
* update of the replies received and to communicate it
* via DMANET.