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[Mycolleagues] Open postdoc position at Troyes University of Technology (France)

Open Postdoc position at Troyes University of Technology (Institut
Charles Delaunay – UMR CNRS 6281)

* Title:
Implementation of a NDN testbed based on virtual network functions for
long-term measurement campaigns

* Funding:
- ANR DOCTOR (DeplOyment and seCurisaTion of new functiOnalities
in virtualized networking enviRonments) - ANR-14-CE28-0001
- Champagne Ardenne Region Excellence program - A2101-03

* Context:
According to the Cisco Visual Networking Index, the global Internet
traffic will still increase over next years, mainly due to mobile
devices while the current network investments are very limited. This
has led to the point where solutions enabling network operators to
invest, and at the same time deploy new impacting technologies, are
crucial. The virtualization of network functions now brings such an
opportunity and NFV (Network Virtualization Function), as defined by
the ETSI, is the key technology that leverages this concept. With a
similar objective of network efficiency and operational cost
reduction, Information-Centric Networking (ICN) is a novel networking
paradigm, which proposes an Internet data plane that shifts from
host-based network mechanisms to content-based ones. However promising
the prospect may seem, network operators are reluctant to globally
deploy such a novel data plane architecture, for the following
reasons: (1) the huge initial investment costs it requires; and, (2)
the risk involved in introducing such a technical breakthrough and
migrating from IP to ICN in a single step. Therefore, progressive
deployments have to be considered, in terms of topology (access
networks, core networks, etc.) or services (data, voice, video,

The ANR DOCTOR project takes part in this effort and especially
advocates the use of virtualized network equipment, which could ease
the deployment of novel networking architectures, thus enabling the
co-existence of IP and emerging stacks (e.g. ICN) and the progressive
migration of traffic from one stack to the other. Novel services could
then be deployed in the same network equipment, each having its own
virtualized environment and each operating the services and
communications they are configured for. The first and main induced
challenge deals with the deployment issues related to new emerging
networks functions and whole architectures (i.e. protocol stacks) in a
virtualized networking environment. Different strategies (e.g. type of
traffic, topological models, restricted domains) can be considered by
network operators to achieve such a progressive deployment and they
are studied, implemented and evaluated in the DOCTOR project.

* Missions:
In the context of the Doctor project, the research work addressed by
the postdoc candidate will consist in leading the design, deployment,
and management of a testbed that will enable long-term measurement
campaigns of a NDN-based telco network deployed as virtual network
functions. The testbed will carry real traffic (e.g. HTTP) issued by
students from both Troyes University of Technology and Telecom Nancy
toward existing internet hosts. The measurements performed over the
testbed will target both Quality of Service and Security and will
especially feed further research work on the production of a long-term
feedback on the deployment of ICN technologies and (2) the
identification of new vulnerabilities and threats induced by this
novel overall infrastructure.

* Skills and expertise:
The candidate is expected to present a strong expertise in Information
Centric Networking technologies (especially Named Data Networking). He
must also be familiar with experimentation studies and especially
present acknowledged technical skills, regarding virtualization
techniques, system administration and software development.

* Extra info:
Salary: 1 896.58 euros per month, net salary
Duration: 18 months

* Contact:
Guillaume Doyen, Assistant Professor
email: guillaume.doyen@utt.fr
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