Friday, June 3, 2016

[DMANET] Call for applications for an open Ph.D. position at LAAS-CNRS (Toulouse, France)

Call for applications for an open Ph.D. position

The SARA team of LAAS­-CNRS (, Toulouse, France, is
inviting applications for an open Ph.D. position on fog computing for
connected vehicles.

Title: Autonomic Communication Services using Fog Computing


In sharp contrast to classical cloud services, connected vehicle
applications often require low and predictable latency, mobility and
location­ awareness, and they have a widespread geographical
distribution, with a predominant wireless access and variable
connectivity. The development of connected vehicle technologies will
thus require the extension of the classical centralized cloud computing
architecture towards a more distributed architecture that includes
computing and storage nodes installed close to users. Fog Computing
(a.k.a. Edge Computing) is a highly virtualized platform that provides a
multitude of compute, storage, and networking services at the edge of
network, allowing applications depending on time­ critical data to use
nodes in the vicinity to meet their delay requirements.

In this context, the goal of this thesis is the design of an autonomic
communication architecture that is able to route time ­critical data to
the best available resources in the Fog in order to maintain and improve
the requested quality of service in response to vehicle mobility and to
dynamically changing workloads (e.g., due to traffic jams). We will
investigates adaptive allocation algorithms that make measurement ­based
fast online decisions to minimize communication latency. In addition,
the communication architecture will support mobility techniques that
decouple host identity from location identity in order to enable direct
communication between mobile devices and applications. Based on a
software­ defined networking architecture up to the edge, data flows
will be controlled and managed at the network level seamlessly with
regard to applications.

Keywords: fog computing, connected vehicles, time­critical data,
adaptive algorithms.

Desired profile of candidate: The candidate has (or is in the final
year) of an engineering degree or a master's degree in Computer Science
or related areas. She/he has an inclination towards mathematical
analysis, and will have strong skills in programming languages (C/C+

Work conditions: The position is funded by a contract on connected
vehicles between LAAS­ CNRS and a leading automotive systems solutions
provider. Regular interaction with the industrial partner is expected
during the thesis.

The fellow will be employed on a fixed­ term contract of three years,
and will have a monthly salary of minimum 1385 € net. Based on the
experience and qualifications, the salary can be negotiated.

Expected starting date: 01 October, 2016.

Application material should include a CV, a letter of motivation, and
names and contactdetails of two referees.

Contacts (for sending the application material or for queries):

Olivier BRUN (, and
Balakrishna PRABHU (,

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