Friday, October 7, 2016

[DMANET] Graph Theory, 5th edition, Springer GTM173

Just out: Graph Theory, 5th edition, Springer GTM173

What's new:

- new section on tangles, with short (new) proofs of the two main tangle theorems;
- new section on inverse limits of finite graphs;
- new section on tree packing and covering, with one new central theorem;
- a few new proofs of standard theorems, some appearing only here ;)
- lots of small improvements, new exercises etc.

Electronic editions are available now (also in German translation):

- Course licences (free eBooks for your students):

- Professional (25% discount):

- eBook (50% discount - tell your students...)

iOS app:

Print edition, announced for later this year, can be pre-ordered at:

Thanks for all your feedback on earlier editions!

Reinhard Diestel

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