Monday, October 10, 2016

[DMANET] PhD position "Graph Theory & Algorithms for Evolutionary Biology" at TU Delft, Netherlands

The optimisation group at Delft University of Technology in the
Netherlands is seeking a PhD student on the project "Encoding,
reconstructing and comparing complex evolutionary scenarios" financed
by The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO). This
project aims at developing new graph theory, algorithms and software
tools which can be used by biologists to reconstruct networks
describing the evolutionary relationships between species. The
standard, well-studied model for describing such relationships is the
phylogenetic tree, which has leaves representing species and internal
vertices representing divergence events. However, actual evolutionary
histories are often complex webs of diverging and combining lineages,
which can better be described by networks than by trees. Accurately
reconstructing such networks is a challenging task. Therefore, this
project involves the development of new (graph) theory, algorithms and
software as well as working with biologists to apply the developed
theory and software in practice.

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