Wednesday, January 18, 2017

[DMANET] Associate Professor positions, St.Petersburg State University

Dear Colleagues,

SPbSU once again announces well-paid TCS and math positions in their new program.
Don't miss this possibility to teach exceptionally bright and very motivated students!
The deadline is February 15.

Please spread this among interested colleagues both in Russia and abroad
(teaching in Russian is required).

Apologies for multiple postings.

Best regards,
Edward Hirsch
Associate Professor positions

The St.Petersburg State University seeks to hire Associate Professors
(= Docents) for advanced teaching within the new Mathematics and
Theoretical Computer Science program. The Scientific Council of this
program is headed by Stanislav Smirnov. Four full-time positions are
presently announced for 2017:

* 1 Docent (= Associate Professor) in Mathematical Logic, Theoretical
Computer Science, and Discrete Mathematics,
* 3 Docents (= Associate Professors) in Mathematics.

The program is very selective, admission is limited to 45 top students
per year, the first two enrollments (2015 and 2016) are first rate. In
particular, more winners of the all-Russian mathematical Olympiad
joined our program than any other such similar program in Russia.

Applicants are expected to have a strong research record and to be
able to teach in Russian (teaching experience in English is an
advantage). The winners are expected to carry out research of high
professional standard, teach up to 8 academic hours (= 6 astronomic
hours) per week, as well as customary administrative duties such as
advising students, participating in committees, organizing admissions,

The guaranteed salary starts with 121,980 rub/month, the actual salary
is subject to negotiations, depending on the applicant's
qualifications. Applicants from outside St. Petersburg will get
one-time moving compensation.

The details of the application procedure can be found at

In addition to the formal application sent according to the above
document, all applicants are invited to send an copy of their CV to
Maria Rossomakhina <> , mentioning any of the
details that could be relevant for the work of the selection
committee, such as, for instance, the names of PhD students they
supervised, if any, etc.

The minimum requirements for the positions are as follows:

- at least four refereed publications (math positions: according to
MathSciNet and Scopus, DM/TCS/ML positions: according to
MathSciNet/DBLP and Scopus) in the last five years;

- the degree of Ph. D. (foreign) or Cand. Sci. (Russian);

- at least three years of experience in research or teaching
(excluding Ph. D. studies but including work on research
projects/grants, even unpaid).

As mentioned above, responsibilities include lectures and seminars,
advising BSc, MSc and PhD students. Typical basic subjects that
successful applicants are expected to teach:
* ML/TCS/DM positions: discrete mathematics and combinatorics,
mathematical logic, algorithms, complexity theory,
* math positions: algebra, analysis, geometry and topology, probability theory.
As the program evolves, there will be need to cover also more advanced
(graduate) courses.

Applications and questions on formalities should be sent to personnel
officer Olga Ivanova <>
Less formal questions should be sent to Maria Rossomakhina
<> who can also provide templates for the
formal documents to be submitted to the personnel officer.
Please check that your documents are processed normally (and not lost!) by visiting
a couple of days after sending them.

Deadline: February 15, 2017.
Teaching starts: September 1, 2017.

The previous application campaign results:
The program page:

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